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JILANCER’s Affiliate Program is a mutually beneficial option which enables users to earn rewards for referring new clients.

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Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions


    JILANCER's Affiliate Program is a mutually beneficial option which enables users to earn rewards for referring new clients. All participants must have an account that is in good standing, and users must be willing to adhere to the requirements. Upon referring a new user (Referred User) to our site, we will deposit a “Bonus” amount directly into your account to compensate your efforts.

    Read the Terms & Conditions coupled with the User Agreement (including any amendments which may be made to them from time to time). Please note that the User Agreement takes precedence over any inconsistencies found within the Terms & Conditions.

    See User Agreement for more information.

Bonus Amount

    We calculate the Bonus based on the net project fees of all projects posted by the Referred User known as “Project Commissions”. Total project fees are the total amount minus any chargebacks, refunds or reversals. All details pertaining to project fees are set out on the Fees & Charges page, and differ according to what kind of membership a user holds. Bonus amounts do not include special program fees (including users taking part in the Preferred Worker/JILANCER (Team Program), or other project contest fees, such as upgrade fees. Once we have collected the fees from the Referred User, the Bonus amount will be paid in full to your account within 30 calendar days.

Requirements for Referred Users

    We do not allow members to refer themselves or any users that have the same IP address as you. An eligible Referred User must be an individual or business that you have had a relationship with in some capacity prior to the referral. This eliminates the process of obtaining names for referrals from group email addresses, third party bulk mailing lists, customer lists or other sources of this nature. Do not generate unsolicited emails. This is Spam and not a valid recruiting tactic for obtaining Referred Users. Any users caught engaging in these activities will have their accounts immediately and permanently closed. Furthermore, any accrued Bonus amounts to that point will not be paid.


    For a user to be considered a Referred User they must complete the following:

  • Sign up for an account via the Affiliate Program link within 30 days of receiving it.
  • Must be a first time visitor to the platform.
  • Must be positively identified by our site as one who was referred by an active member .
  • In order for JILANCER to verify the identity of a referred user, all banners need to be installed without any modifications. If any of the aforementioned requirements are not met, the Bonus amount can be revoked.

Payout Period

    Bonus payouts can be made for the first 100 days that the Referred User’s account is active. We reserve the right to implement a monthly cap on Bonus payouts. Any user who refers more than 100 in any one month will be considered over the limit.

Bonus Expiry

    Bonus amounts that go unused 3 months from the date of payment will automatically expire. This is a permanent action that cannot be reversed under any circumstances.

Discontinuance or modification of Program

    We reserve the right to terminate or alter the Affiliate Program at any given time, and we are not obligated to notify users participating in the program. We recommend that users check this page with some regularity to remain up-to-date and in compliance with the Terms & Conditions.

    However, if the Affiliate Program is terminated, all Bonus amounts earned before the end date will be paid in full. In addition to the date requirement, users must meet all the other requirements of the Affiliate Program.


    Any failure to adhere to these terms can result in the termination of your account from the Affiliate Program and from JILANCER website

    Please feel free to inquire about any questions or concerns pertaining to the aforementioned requirements. Our customer support team is standing by to receive your emails at support@jilancer.com